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    Watch My Dying - Claustrophony split - Lordsofmetal ’zine (NL)

    Jean Winants - 17. January 2006 11:28

    This very morning the mailman brought me a split CD from Hungary’s two most promising bands. These two bands, known as Szeg and Watch My Dying, are trying due this split album to get foot on further European market and escape the Hungarian grounds. Both of them has released three albums in their past in the likes of EPs and LPs, which were very well received at national and international press. Why these two bands bundle their strength with this split CD is questionable, but my guess is purely a financial issue. However, the scheme is from high professional level looking at the multimedia parts on this disc together with all extras on it.

    Watch My Dying

    Stranded at track number five, I hear Watch My Dying trying to get the party going on. Also this band succeed in partying due their parts of this album which they’ve gave the title ’Claustrophony’. Watch My Dying has also recorded new songs and together with the video of ’Idomtalan’ they are in advantage with five tracks on this album. These guys are far more original due the use of drum and bass samples and soundtrack sounding intros. Also the remix version of the track ’Blue Sky Green Grass’ is helping the originality of this band, but I can’t figure out where the original track is coming from. This band introduces us with a style which can be described as influenced by bands like Prong and Meshuggah together with their own abovementioned sound effects. The death metal sounding vocals into all this, gives this band a complete own style which must open doorways to labels and foreign countries for performances.


    The kick off is for Szeg whom named their part on this split CD ’Here We Go’. Armed with a video clip from the track ’Hope For The Best’ this band introduces us with a groovy rock ’n roll versus metal core sound combined with standard metal riff parts. The vocals on board are mostly clean with an angry hardcore sound in them, which puts Szeg in a complete different genre. Szeg has putted themselves in the past as a openings act before a Slayer gig, so this band must be taken very seriously. Not unknown in their own country, this band released four new tracks to fight their own war towards acknowledgement at European level. Szeg brings no original music though, but brings us nice, filthy rock ’n roll played songs with lots of passion and devotion. Supported with a cool video clip I can do nothing but hope that this band gets out of their Hungarian borders.

    Very nice, this two bands on one disc, which stands guarantee for comparison. The style and genre from both acts are not too far different from each other,

    which makes it easier to listen to. Only the multimedia gadgets on this split CD is good enough to give these guys a shot to listen to and get familiar with them. Watch My Dying must be played more than once to get familiar with, while Szeg beats up your speakers in the very first seconds. Nice!

    Rating: 70/100

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